Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hillary healthcare's attack on the young

Hillary Clinton wants to mandate that every individual has health insurance. She brags that her mandate would insure an additional 15 million individuals beyond other democratic plans. First, United States was founded on principals of freedom, responsibility and choice. A mandate destroys that freedom. Additionally, who are these 15 million Americans? Some qualify for a heavily subsidized program but have chosen not to enroll. A mandate will not force these people to apply. Some are young, healthy adults who don’t use much healthcare and don’t have much money. They are choosing to spend their limited money on something other than healthcare. Camp Hillary argues that forcing these young people to pay for insurance that they are likely to not use will lower premiums for the rest of us. The effect is yet another tax on young people to subsidize baby boomers and older generations.

In my late twenties, I was one of these uninsured people thankful that there wasn’t a mandate. The company I worked went out of business. My wife quit her job so that we could relocate closer to family. We had saved a little money, lined up three or four job interviews in the new town and moved in with my in-laws (thank you Sheila and Howie). We expected to be back in the work force in a few weeks. None of the interviews worked out. What was planned to be weeks turned into months. We had to cancel our health insurance to continue to pay the bills. Those months almost turned into a year. Did I say thank you Sheila and Howie. With their help and going without insurance, we where able to continue to pay our bills, finally get jobs and buy a house of our own. If we had a mandate, we would have had to declare bankruptcy. Credit checks may have prevented us from getting the jobs we wanted and would have made buying a house much more difficult.

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