Friday, April 25, 2008

conflict of interest

Can any Hillary supporter comment on the conflict of interest she will have as president? Her husband is making millions of dollars in speaking and consulting engagements (not to mention donations to his charity) by people/governments/industries with political agendas. Imagine if she becomes president and the CAFTA issue resurfaces. Bill was paid $800,000 by Columbian businesses to push CAFTA. If Hillary then agrees to it, saying the situation has changed and now CAFTA is a good idea, how will that look? Whether or not the situation has changed, many will wonder if Bill's fees had something to do with her position.

I’ll assume Hillary supporters will believe Hillary’s ethics are great enough that the TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS Bill will be taking in won’t influence her on issue after issue. My question is about how will it affect all of the other Democrats in congress, as mayors, etc. when the right starts questioning her motivations. I believe a lot of independents will be swayed by the conflict of interest argument and democrats will lose elected officials at many levels of power to offset Hillary’s gain.

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