Thursday, April 17, 2008

Vetting Hillary

I disagree with the idea that Hillary Clinton has been completely vetted by the so called Republican attack machine. Ok . . . I disagree with the idea that there is such a thing as a Republican attack machine. Sure there are a bunch of loons on the right that would rather whine about the left than to get anything done like passing bi-partisan comprehensive legislation on any of the issues a majority of Americans agree. What? You don’t think the right and left could agree on anything? We’re so different and they are so wrong, you whimper. Don’t get your hackles up. Both sides whimper, and frequently yell, that the idiots on the other side are . . . well . . . idiots. How about securing our borders? Or ensuring veterans receive quality healthcare? Or removing lobbyists as our fourth branch of government? Balancing the budget? Something?

I listen to Sean Hannity on the ride home. Don’t think any less of me, please. Caller after caller called in after frustrating conversations with their friends who had leftist attitudes. They didn’t actually admit that they were talking to friends, I think, because the people they were talking to were on the left and who would admit to being friends with them. After listening to a few of these calls, I firmly believe that they must have been talking to true friends because no one else would have put up with these idiot callers. The calls all went something like, “Hi Sean. You’re a great American.” “No caller,” Sean would suck up, “you are a great American.” “Get a room!” I yelled at the radio. “You just can’t have an intelligent conversation with liberals. They are all stupid and ignorant and they don’t have you, the great Sean great American great, to think for them.” “Well,” Sean would say, “just keep trying and when they get frustrated with you take that as a sign that they don’t know what they are talking about. The more frustrated they are the dumber your friends (my word) are. Someday they will thank you for showing them the way, the only way, to be great Americans. Have them listen to my show and by my books. If they send me money, they to can be great Americans too.” Ok, I went a little far with the quote. For the record, I think Sean is a great American who honestly believes much of the silliness he espouses. I agree with him about half of the time. Even when I don’t agree with him, I feel better about my position for having heard his challenge.

Anyway, back to the phone calls. Per Sean, a great way his heavily frustrated callers can tell if their liberal friends (again, my word. Really who would want to claim a liberal as a friend) don’t know what they are talking about is by how frustrated the liberal is. (Insert dramatic pause here). Sean’s callers are the ones who are frustrated. By Sean’s own measurement, that must mean his callers are the ones who don’t know what they are talking about. By the way, if you find you are totally and completely unable to have an intelligent conversations perhaps you are the one who isn’t bringing any intelligence to the conversation.

Back to the Republican attack machine. I just don’t believe that these people who are too incompetent to run our country are competent enough to put together a cohesive attack machine. Despite their inability to run the country, they are the one’s running the country (I’ll talk more about the on another day). Despite their inability to put together a cohesive attack machine, they still do attack. I just don’t think that it is as affective and thorough as it could be. Their attack machine isn’t the orderly marching rank and file of Napoleon. They are more like a bunch of monkeys with hand grenades and itchy fingers.
I didn’t really mean to get into Sean and I’ve wasted all my time. Sorry about that. I’ll get to Hillary’s vetting on another day. I’ll give you a foreshadowing of it though. Hillary has been attacked for a lot of scandals over the years. There are also a number of years that she hasn’t been quite under the gun, since the senate for example. I believe the Clinton’s have been yelling about unfair treatment by the press to make sure the press doesn’t press on and revive a lot of these scandals. Anyway. All of that for another da

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