Friday, April 18, 2008

Vetting of Hillary

Hillary claims that she “comes with a lot of baggage and people have been rummaging through it for years.” She says this as if the Republicans won’t have any ammunition to use against her in the fall. I think her claim is as optimistic as sniper fire. The Right has built databases about her and hubby’s allergic reactions to being honest or to putting the good of the nation before the good of the Clintons. Here’s a quick and incomplete list items Hillary participated in that were either dishonest, illegal, had a self-serving conflict of interest or were down right lies:

Norman Hsu
Vince Foster suicide
Bosnia sniper fire
Uninsured pregnant woman
Her work on Watergate investigation
Northern Ireland peace talks
Religious affiliations with the Foundry

The list really goes on and on and on. The unfortunate problem is that mainstream media is too focused on Obama’s fashion choices. I agree he should wear an American flag pin. Not wearing one isn’t a show of his lack of patriotism. It is a show of poor judgment because it gives the six-pack crowd something to focus on other than his message. I think he should wear an Uncle Sam red, white and blue stove top hat. The hat may be too cumbersome on such a tall man. Instead he should wear no less than fifteen buttons and pins like a waitress at Friendly’s. Each button could echo some different pro-American sentiment like “I wish you were here, but only if you are documented,” “There’s no bitter in our beer,” or “Yes we can spend spend spend!”

When the mainstream media rightfully shares some of their collective wisdom on why vote against Hillary, it usually focuses on her milk curdling cackle or plethora of pantsuits. It is disturbing to never she her in the same pantsuit twice. It is kind of like M.C. Hammer and his parachute pants. There is a theory claiming Hillary to be Satan and g-d has limited Satan’s power on earth. G-d decreed that Satan can only be seen in public in the same pantsuit once. Each time Satan goes out in public, she must wear a different pantsuit. Once Satan runs out of pantsuits, she must either reveal her true form or go back to hell. I don’t believe in this theory but I wonder why on shop has ever come forward claiming, “Hillary shops here for all of her pantsuit needs.” Perhaps all of her pantsuits are donated from below.
Bill and Hillary complain about unfair media treatment all the time. “You should report that I lied just because I lied,” they whine. “That’s not fair. You should report the other guy lied whether or not he lied. That would make things even.” I believe all of their complaining has served its purpose. No one in the main stream media question the litany of ethical errors the Clintons have made, in addition to the exposure American has to future scandals with them in charge. Bill has made millions from his speaking arrangements and has collected millions more through his foundation. If he wasn’t heading back to the White House, I would be completely ok with his earnings. My issue is WHAT DOES BILL OWE TO REPAY THESE MILLIONS AND HOW WILL THAT AFFECT HILLARY’S JUDGEMENT?

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