Tuesday, May 6, 2008

salems lot

Hillary says she is not going to put her lot in with a bunch of economists. Basically, she’s saying the more you know on a subject, the less I want to hear. She wants the undereducated white Middle American to dictate government policy. Ignore the educated. Ignore the thoughtful. Bomb Iran and make the oil companies pay for it. Once we’re done, we’ll go and put bibles in what is left of their hands. That’ll teach them. Freeze mortgage rates for the irresponsible. If that hurts you because you were careful to live within your means, then you are not her kind of voter. Free healthcare to everyone. On the government. Sure your taxes will go up but if you pay taxes, you probably aren’t her kind of voter. She has ton’s of experience running the country when old Billy was using 18 year old interns has humidors but don’t give her credit for anything Bill did that doesn’t poll well today. She was against it from the start, documentation to the contrary be damned.

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