Friday, May 30, 2008

recommended by the management

A hotel near where I lived once boasted on their marquee, “This hotel is highly recommended by the management.” Wow. I wonder if that recommendation drove business for them. The only stronger endorsement, from a purely satirical point of view, is if the owners actually recommended the hotel. In order from least reliable to most reliable, it goes 1.) owners, 2.) management, and 3.) people who have never stayed at or heard of the hotel.
Now Clinton, a.k.a. the owner, is claiming she is the most electable candidate in the general election. She, to ensure her fan base continues to have faith in her recommendation of . . . well . . . herself, has suggested voters stop watching the news and reading the papers. Her basis of her electability is reliant on only counting big states with primaries (not caucuses) that consistently vote democrat and nobody actually checking the validity of her recommendation. It used to also be based on the head to head polls but those no longer favor her, so they don’t count anymore. She continues to use popular vote as a basis for electability but for her popular vote to count, she must count both Florida and Michigan (not giving Obama any votes in Michigan) and by not including estimates for caucus states. I’ll grant the Democratic Party has completely flubbed up the process this cycle and nobody can honestly count the votes. I’ll also grant that the vote is close . . . really close . . . so close that neither candidate can actually use the popular vote as an argument of electability.
When I had guests visit, I put them up in another hotel down the street. AAA had rated that one satisfactorily. With Hillary, I think I may do the same.

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