Saturday, September 6, 2008

That ungrateful brat

My wife took the kids to karate class. The older ones (5 and 6 years old) joined right in the exercise but Baby Sammy started to get fussy. My wife told the girls that she would walk Baby Sammy outside but would watch most of the class through the studio’s picture windows. A couple of minutes later my 6 year old catches my wife’s eye and starts jumping up and down excitedly. She’s holding one hand up in the air with thumb and index finger extended in an “L”. My wife just stood there. We don’t use the loser sign in our house, at least not where the kids can see. We’ve never seen either of the kids use it. This is the end of summer break and the girls haven’t been around other kids to learn it. Most importantly my wife had a good day with the girls. Why is the 6 year old calling my wife a loser and looking so happy about it. 10 seconds tick by. My daughter is still jumping. 20 seconds tick by. My wife’s jaw is still hanging in the wind. Then my wife notices that the pinky finger is also up, converting the “loser” hand single to an “I love you” sign language.


Christine said...

I'm really glad it was the love sign and not the loser sign. It's a pity what adult thinking can turn a childs actions into.

Aaron said...


About the volleyball players, a common misconception is that beach volleyball players are hotter. They do wear less clothes, true, but they tend to have busted faces. Whether its from being in the sun too much or what I don't know, but indoor volleyball girls still have smokin' bodies and cute faces. Plus they wear really tight pants.

Monique said...

That is too funny.

melvisx said...

...parents misinterpreting a child's gesture....priceless.

Reminds me of the time a student asked me, "What starts with F and ends with K?"

Taking the bait with some apprehension I said, "I don't know, what starts with F and ends with K?"

With a broad grin the student says, "FIRE TRUCK!"

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The Logisitician said...

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