Thursday, October 9, 2008

Grounded by my seven month old

My 7 month old grounded me, I think. I was feeding him a dinner of winter squash, which he loves. Baby Sammy eating winter squash is like watch Cookie Monster eat cookies before they became a once-in-awhile-food. I ran out of winter squash and tried to feed him some green bean mush. Baby Sammy is not a Cookie Monster like fan of green bean mush. In fact, Baby Sammy doesn’t care for green bean mush at all.

He ate a couple of bites but quickly let show his displeasure. Fearing a diapered revolt, my wife brought me a new batch of winter squash. I had foolishly thought that switching back to a favorite food would appease the little one. Baby Sammy took two bites of the new winter squash and refused to take more. I could tell he was still hungry by the little clues only someone who’s been a parent can truly interpret. Of example, with his lips pressed firmly together he still screeched loud enough to drive his sisters from the room and he chubby little legs kept kicking his tray. Even with those subtle hints of hunger, Baby Sammy refused to take another bite of the food he loved.

About ten minutes later and my third try, Baby Sammy started eating again and he ate every drop of winter squash. Cookie Monster leaves crumbs in his orgy of cookie eating love. Baby Sammy did not leave the tiniest drop of winter squash. I think Baby Sammy was punishing me for serving him that evil pile of green goo. He assumed that I love to feed him because I do twice a day and so he took that activity away for ten minutes so that I learned my lesson. I did learn my lesson. This morning I left the green goo in the refrigerator and served him carrots. Carrots are even better than winter squash on Baby Sammy’s scale.


MilesPerHour said...

Looks like you have a lot of learning to do. I would have thought you would have already been trained by your older children.

I enjoyed your blogs!

Malady said...

fun! i can't WAIT until Hayden starts eating solids!

Aaron said...

Ahh babies... so naive.
Why they like the mush form of foods that normal human being would eat is beyond me. When is Gerber's going to wise up and start making filet mignon mush, or fatty tuna sushi mush? And then finish of the evening meal with some NY strawberry cheesecake mush?

I posit that Americans are becoming dumber because as babies we don't feed them enough cultured food.

Web-Betty said...

Control. They learn it as such an early age, don't they? :)

feefifoto said...

My daughter grounded me once when she was about two. I'd yelled at her brother and she scolded me for scaring both of them and sent me to my room.

Politi Gal said...

Baby Sammy sounds like a delightful challenge!