Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Third political party

I believe is was Lewis Black who called the Republicans and the Democrats the party of no ideas and the part of bad ideas. I don’t remember which was which from his point of view but it hardly matters. The time has come for both the Republican and the Democratic parties to become a footnote in history filed under “Failed.”

So what, I ask myself and any who wish to comment, tenets should a new party live by. Luckily, myself answered. Please see below and comment if you wish.

1.) The party of political reform and accountability. This includes removing lobbyist from the political process and aggressively pursuing waste and misuse of public resources (mainly by politicians).
2.) The party of balanced budget. The federal government is not allowed to spend one penny more than it’s obligations.
3.) The party of investment in the future. Education, new businesses, science, technology and new manufacturing are to be focal points for this party.
What would you add?


Aaron said...

The Reform Party - but done correctly, as in they take apart every single government expenditure and rebuild from the ground up, focusing on what's actually important to our country's survival.

I'm surprised you remember that post about the paperclips. I kind of saw myself more as God then a king though.

The Logisitician said...

That you can come up with these three, unifying, central principles is fascinating, when our politicians apparently lack the vision to do so. That's sad. What have they been doing? I once an article entitled, "What Views Would a Truly Independent American Party Hold," which you might find to be of interest.


I actually think that the momentum is there. Stuff has gotten ridiculous.

The cup is half full of something I don't like said...

aaron: I believe in kings much more firmly than gods.

Logisitician: Which of the seven points in most moderate?

Politi Gal said...

The party of the publicly financed campaigns (closely related to #1)--I find absoulutely obscene the amount of money that must be raised this year by candidates in persuit of the American Presidency.and spent to run for higher office: more than 1 billion dollars, and one would assume more than a few strings attatched.

Congress-persons must begin fund-raising the moment they're elected, often forced to fly back and forth between Washington and fundraisers 2-3 times a week. This makes for an often exhausted and distracted Senator/Representative incapable of giving the People's business the proper attention it deserves.

It wasn't always like this. Senior CongressPeople long for a yesteryear where they could comfortably spend spend 10mos in Washington and two at home getting to know the people they represent and their issues better. Those days are gone, and for the good of the country I'd like to see getting them back become a political priority.

The cup is half full of something I don't like said...

Politigal: I can support that as well as 3 year ban from leaving public office (both elected positions and regular government employment) and working for a related company. Many officials may not take brides while in office but retire to a six or seven figure position in a company they championed while in office.

The Logisitician said...

Dear "the cup is half full of something that I don't like":

Thanks for posting a comment in response to my Post No. 23 article, "What Views Would the Members of a Truly Independent Party Hold." I actually had to review the article to revisit the 7 point plan of the theoretical party. In hindsight, the positions were pretty funny. When paired up with your commentary, they're considerably funnier. Thanks for visiting once again.