Monday, July 7, 2008

American laziness may give McCain the presidency

Obama has continually and consistently called for the removal of troops from Iraq, except for small levels necessary to protect the embassy and American civilians. Unlike Richardson who wanted to run out of Iraq so fast he wanted to leave heavy equipment behind and Hillary who wanted to pull the troops out so she could obliterate Iran, Obama did the politically inconvenient thing and refused to commit to a date when all troops would be out. Obama said from the beginning and in every speech and debate since that he would listen to the Generals on the ground. If troop safety demanded a delay, he would delay. Safety first but still withdrawal. In a moment with the press, Obama, again, said he would bring the troops home and would refine the details as the situation demanded.

McCain, formally known as honest, latched onto the word “refine” and used it to claim Obama is a flip-flopper. The media, lazy as usual, hasn’t bothered reviewing the claim. For days, the media ran stories saying McCain claims Obama is flip-flopping again. The professional media hasn’t bothered to do any research and the common man, who typically has uncommonly low intelligence simply listens to the talking heads. The lazy media and the lazy voters listened to the GOP, costing Kerry an election. History may repeat itself and American laziness combined with McCain and Republican lies may cost Obama the presidency.


Richard Goodman said...

You're right about laziness. The worst examples of it lie with the press. I read an article about Obam,a's alleged "flip-flopping" the other day and wrote the columnist an e-mail pointing ouit that despite what the press says, an analysis of the clips of Obama's speeches show remarkable consistency. Obama's "flipflops" are largely fabrications of a press to lazy to do their research. McCain's are very real.

Handsome B. Wonderful said...

I find it annoying that some people apparently don't want a president, like Obama, who would reserve the right to change his/her mind based on new evidence.

I want a president who is willing to listen to contrary advice and change if need be. Changing ones mind based on new evidence is the other part of the equation of Obama's "Change" platform.

He'd bring real reason and thinking back to the White House, remember that?

The Repubs must still be too used to "W" shoot first, ask questions later policies.

Author said...

We are in Iraq based on bad intel and bad decisions, but we have to leave in a manner that protects our troops, our country, and the people of Iraq. Obama is too much of a risk for the highest office in the country at this point in time. The "change" people talk about should be done in Congress.

Nail Biter said...

I would be interested to see the specifics backing your statement that Obama is too much of a risk at this time for the highest office in the country. Please get back to us with the details.

This has been a very bad week for McCain. Just watching the clip of him when he was asked to comment on the fact that insurance companies pay for Viagra but not for birth control pills was interesting. He rolled his eyes, blinked,and seemed utterly lost for ten or fifteen seconds, then said he would have to study it.

I don't think his reaction when he was asked by a veteran about his record in voting on veteran affairs will gain him any military votes. He claimed it was good. Then the questioner confronted him with the fact that he consistently votes AGAINST bills supporting veterans. McCain was lying.