Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Baby Talk

I thought I should define some language for non-parents in reading some of my posts.

Pee-through - the diaper was overwhelmed with pee. The diaper is completely full and so everything around child is wet.

Pee-around - the diaper was avoided. The diaper is basically dry but the area around child is wet.

Poop-through - See "pee-through" but texture and either brown or green color added

Poop-around - see "pee-around" but texture and either brown or green color added. Leading theory is poop traveled directly up crack between butt cheeks.

and the worst offender - Stealth poop-through - similar to standard poop-through but child looks completely clean and innocent to casual observer. Stealth poop-through only is discovered when parent slides hands beneath child to pick said child up. Usually accompanied by parents


WebbieStuffs said...

hahah.. whatta great dictionary! or should i say a brief encyclopedia?

Anonymous said...

ahaha!!Not bad!

Anonymous said...

very creative i really enjoyed your blog! and you have lots of comments! keep it up

Julie in Houston said...

Ok---did not need to know that stuff. lol.

Justin Wright said...

Haha very funny! Those are some good definitions, they even make me laugh.

chrissyrenee said...

ok, you have an amazing sense of humor. luv it.