Thursday, July 24, 2008

Good Lies Bad Lies - tribute to McCain

Sung to Good Times Bad Times from Led Zeplin, although you may know it from covers by Cracker, Phish or Godsmack.

Good Lies Bad Lies

In the days of his youth, he was a prisoner in Vietnam
Now he’s reached that age, he’ll try to use it to be the president man
No matter how he tries, he’s sucked into Bush’s tax plan

Good lies, bad lies, you know he told his share
When Obama left home with a foreign plan
Well he still seems not to care

Sixty – I fell in love with amnesty as illegal as could be
It only takes a couple of babies till citizenship you see
He swore that fence to build and support law to the end
When illegals whispered in his ear, voters lost another friend

Good lies, bad lies, you know he told his share
When honestly left him for a republican plan
Well straight talk seems not to care

He knows countries that are gone
He sure remembers countries before the telephone
He doesn’t care what the voters say
He’s going rule like Bush in each and every way
You can’t teach him countries fell apartRealize, sweet babe, his lies are pure art


justjenna said...

Hey. I came across your blog by accident when i saw your username. Made me laugh. Do you watch Demetri Martin ever? You should check out around the 5 min mark.
Also I'm not sure who the poem is for, but McCain cares a lot more, and knows a lot more than Obama.

Meredith said...

Nice song. I don't know the original, but suspect your lyrics are better anyway. Made me reminiscent for the old days, though. Back when McCain worked with Russ Feingold a lot. What happened to that McCain?

P.S. 2 for 1?

The Diva on a Diet said...

Came across your blog in the Google Coffee Shop and I must say I love this post! I'm old enough to know and love the original song ... and "blue" enough to appreciate your new lyrics. Nice job!


Flower Power said...

Very, very good. :)

I like the way you think. ;)

Also, thank you for the comment on my politcally Green, thrid party candidate blog. I totally agree. Hey! A third party candidate dog catcher! Cool! :) Perhaps he would have new ideas, new ways, shake things up, be more compassionate to the dogs, etc. LOL

It appears, cince I put up my post, things are taking a good turn. I think I'll leave the Blogger account up.

It's nice to meet you. :D

And I will be looking to volunteer with the Green party soon.


KARL NOVAK said...

Good Tribute; tahnks again for visitin my blog. You have a good sense of humor.