Friday, July 11, 2008

sitemeter is pretty cool.

I don’t mean to sound like a commercial but I just added to my site. Another blogger The Logistician had suggested it. It is really cool and was easy to set up. To give you an idea of how easy it was, I did it and I’m ignorant about computers. Yeah I can do great things in excel but beyond that not so much.

Anyway, now I have an idea of how many people are checking out my site. There are bunch of other statistics available too, like a world map with the location of the people. Don’t worry, nothing private but it is going to be fun playing with it for a while.

It is my new toy.


The Logistician said...

I'm absolutely in love with I find myself checking it roughly five times a day to gain a better appreciation of my readers.

I passed on, via e-ail, your "Where have all of the homeowners gone" to a large group of baby boomers, who obviously knew the song, and could hum along. I was actually surprised, when I viewed your profile, at your age. I guess that it just goes to show that good music is ageless.

Finally, thanks for taking the time to place a comment on our blog regarding the "company that one keeps" in relation to my "The Inability of Our Leaders to Please (Lead?) Us" article. Thanks much.

I look forward to your other comments.

MariM said...

I have on my blog as well. It really is great not only to find out how many people are visiting the blog as most of them don't leave a comment but also to find out where they come from. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!

melvisx said...

Thanks for visiting my site, I appreciated your comments. I have no idea how to reply to individual posts on my site so I'm doing it this way.

I had subscribed to blogs to and did not have them show up on my page, I just manually added them to my blog list. Is the sitemeter in the layout page?