Wednesday, July 9, 2008

password blues

My password at work is about to expire. It does so every 90 days. I created a system for picking my next password so that for the first 30 days after the change I can log on. Otherwise, I’ll forget. The system has a second benefit that allows me to track how long I’ve been at my job. In 14 days, when my password expires, I will have changed my password 23 times. That means I’ve been here (23 * 90 days) 2070 days or 5.6 years. Today is going to be a sad day.


Jane Opal said...

That is a good point. God does give His children strength to carry their burdens, but that doesn't mean that we have to carry them alone.

As for the "What if..." question, you also had a good point. I don't think that I explained myself very clearly when I mentioned that. When I said that...I suppose that I was refering to writing, like fiction. For my story Beast, the whole thing started by thinking "What if the beauty WAS the beast?"

I find myself doing that, too, sometimes: using my main characters to work through problems that I'm going through. Not in every aspect of life, of course...But sometimes it's interesting how the characters come to life. I have to wonder if I still control their actions or if they're really alive and acting on their own...I dunno. lol.

Thanks for your comment. :]

- Jane Opal

vivacious said...

Oh dear. That is sad. Maybe I shouldn't have started changing my password going through the alphabet...because when I get to "z," then I'll be really depressed.

And in response to your comment on my moving blog--I KNEW there was a reason people kept asking me if I hired movers...but convincing myself and hubby to spend money instead of bribe friends with beer will take either a completely disastrous move, or a significant increase in income. Guess which is more likely. :)

Quinn Sanders said...

Good Luck. As a rule I try to have 5 different passwords that I switch between and have been using since high school. My work also does this, although not as often. Thank you for your comment on Please help spread the word. News, Comment Advice and more...

Scott Snopkowski said...

Everyday is a sad day when the Bill O'Reilly factor is not on the air. Rest assured you will get through this difficult day with your head held high.


Oh god passwords are sooo annoying! I find that I have about a thousand that I can't seem to remember for the life of me - maybe you should consider making a fake mobile number and putting the password on there?
Anyway, hopefully you'll get through your bad password day! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Aaron Brand said...

I work at a college and just use the next departmental phone extension everytime my password resets. It sucks when I forget which department I am currently using, but it beats word verification any day.