Monday, July 28, 2008

Oh man

The baby sleeps in another room but my wife and I have a monitor in his crib. Basically we can hear every burp, cry or other bodily noise. We don't have formal system on who gets the baby when he cries. Basically who ever hears him cry first has to measure what will be more difficult, feeding the kid or waking up the spouse and convincing him/her to go feed the baby. Last night the baby woke up at three and my wife wisely evaluated getting me up to feed the baby this time would be too difficult. Through the monitor I could hear my wife enter the baby's room. First she spoke to the baby to try and calm him without feeding him. She said something cute and in singsong. It didn't work. Then I heard fabric rubbing as my wife slid her hand across the sheets to pick him up. I tried to go back to sleep. Then she said, "oh man." It wasn't loud or upset but "oh man" usually means I can't go back to sleep. Baby Sammy did a pee-around. That is when is diaper is basically dry but everything around him was dripping wet. My wife grabbed and changed the kid. I changed the sheets. The rest of the day, I yelled a lot.


janice said...

this is one of the reasons why i have second thoughts on having another baby, waking up at night and feeling bad the next day..but when i think about how cute a baby is i can't help but wish for another one :)

Politi Gal said...

A pee-around! That's hilarious! Baby sammy must be something of a magician to pull off a complete soaking of his surrounds whilst leaving his diapers dry. You should be proud!

Empty Streets said...

I think you have a rather talented baby over there. :) heheh But you have to admit all babies are a blessing to those that have them even though they can be a bit of a rugrat at times ;)