Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sean Hannity Unamerican

Sean Hannity has the Stop Obama Express dedicated to opposing Obama in all cases up to the election and beyond if Obama wins. Hannity has dedicated himself and his program to this opposition. Hannity dedicates himself to opposing Obama even if Obama's position agrees with Hannity. Hannity is putting a vindictive Right is right policy ahead of what is best for America.

Additionally, the pentagon agrees that Obama was not going to bring the press and camera to visit the troops and yet Hannity has a little song talking about Obama not visiting the troops because Obama couldn't bring the cameras. Clearly Hannity (through his show) is lying. Apparently, lying and the resulting ratings is more important than what is best of America.

Therefore, I'm going to give my first Great Unamerican award to Sean Hannity.


WebbieStuffs said...

whew. dirty politics.

that is alli can say. politics means dirty.

John said...

Uggghh, Hannity. One of the worst of the worst. It's not even September and already I'm sick of the negativity surrounding everything Obama does. I don't want a third Bush term, but people may get fooled again. Shame.

brainsnorts said...

sean hannity has learned that it's okay to lie because there are only four things that might happen, and none of them are really bad compared to the attention he'll get.

first thing, nobody cares enough to check the facts, and the lie stands. at that point, two more things can happen:

a. people don't care, thus he gets away with the lie, or

b. people believe it quietly, thus he again gets away with the lie.

the second thing that can happen is someone cares enough to point out that he's lying, at which point two more things can happen:

a. he acknowledges being wrong but blames his staff for the false information, or

b. he lies again and claims to stand behind his story.

at no point does he really lose because even if caught in a lie, he can always blame someone else and then semi-apologize.

bottom line is that his blind followers will adhere to the lie, spread it, and enough people will believe it no matter what happens.