Friday, August 8, 2008

Cindy McCain Buffalo Chip

I don’t know if there is any historical precedent for this but it was in the movie Troy, so how inaccurate could it be? Achilles is the hero of one army. Some mean looking giant of a fellow is the hero of another army. Instead of having tens of thousands fight and thousands die, Achilles and the giant fight. Achilles did some fancy ballet move and killed the giant, claiming victory for his army. The war was over no muss no fuss.

This week John McCain joked that his wife, Cindy, should enter the Buffalo Chip semi-nude hot chick contest in front of 50,000 bikers. I’m sure McCain was just joking. There’s no way that we would pimp out his wife for 50,000 votes. Would he?

What does champions fighting have to do with a presidential elects wife competing in a best breasts contests, you ask? I’ll tell you. Since McCain started the idea of utilizing his wife’s assets in this way, what if we go global with it? Instead of fighting battles where men and women on both sides of the conflict die horrible deaths, let’s have the spouses of leaders do hot body contests. Perhaps they could just do a bikini contest regarding conflicts over trade deals. Then we up the stakes to a wet T-shirt contest if the conflict involves hostages and the Full Monty instead of invading a country.

Another Geneva Convention would have to be held. Instead of setting rules of proper treatment for prisoners of war, it would have to set other standards, for example when is a thong appropriate in combat versus traditional bikini bottoms, can the T-shirts be cut or modified in anyway and what sort of augmentation are the champions allowed.

With war being fought by our champions, it may affect my vote. While Cindy McCain may be more physically appealing, Michelle Obama seems much smarter and has a stronger personality. I’ve always found intelligence and personality appealing. Ralph Nader or Bob Barr are out.


Renee said...

Why does it have to come down to pimping womens bodies..though I realize the post was tongue in cheek still it bothered me.

Aaron Brand said...

Would the Queen of England have to participate herself, or would Charles take the spot? I foresee eyegouging in my future if this idea comes to fruition.

Malady said...

I'm thinking it's a strategic move on McCain's part. He has to direct attention away from his old wrinkly ass and onto his wife's goods.

Stronys Cathalonia said...

mud wrestling or oil wrestling would be good too., lol.

Dr. Jay SW said...

With all due respect to Michelle Obama, I think we'd have to get Kucinich in there. Have you seen that guy's wife? Man, I just really disapproved of that comment I just made...worse things have happened, though.

On a serious, note, considering that McCain has been reported to have called Cindy the "C word" in public, I odn't know if we should underestimate him in terms of willingness to pimp her out.

Pearl said...

Funny thought! Would like to see a Hot Body/Chess Championship, however, preferably occuring at the same time by the same people. Men or women, they stand, flex/pose -- while the timer's on! -- and then move their man.

Kind of a brains/brawn thing.

I'm gonna start training now.