Monday, August 4, 2008

The differences between the first child and the third child

The differences between the first child and the third child, early months:

The first child slept in a bassinette in our room for eight months.
The third child was moved to his own room (with a monitor) by the fourth month.

When the first child made any noise at night we jumped up to check on her.
When the third child makes lots of noises at night, I turn down the volume on the monitor.

When the first child cried during the day, we gave her a bottle.
When the third child cries during the day, we give him a bottle and ask the first child to get a bottle for daddy out of the fridge.

When the first child pooped in the tub, I would drain the tub, wash the tub, refill the tub and finish the bath.
When the third child poops in the tub, we play scoop the poop, finish the bath and try to remember to tell my wife not to nibble on his toes until after the next bath. I try.

Being home alone with the first child was stressful and difficult.
Being home alone with the third child is a pleasure as long as first and second child are in school or camp.

When the first child accomplished anything, we checked two or three books to make sure she was on track and to see if there was anything we could do to help encourage her development.
When the third child accomplishes anything . . . really when did he accomplish anything? The first child is doing two digit math in her head going in to 1st grade. The second child hasn’t started kindergarten yet but reads to us. What did he do? Roll onto his side? Whooooooo!


Lilly's Life said...

This is hilarious....except...that
now I know the reasons for all the problems in my life....I AM THE THIRD CHILD IN THE FAMILY. However, the only consolation is there were two more after me.....It's no wonder I only have one - but then...only children....are another post in the making. Great post and thanks for dropping by my blog!!

The cup is half full of something I don't like said...

I should have mentioned that I was the fourth child growing up

The Logisitician said...

Fascinating. It's always an adventure to view the world through someone else's eyes and experiences. Both my Mother and Father came from families of 10 each, and I have often wondered how they managed to deal with all of the parental issues. Neither my sister (51) nor I (57) have children, and thus the experiences you described are from another world. That's the great advantage than humans have over other animals. We can share experiences with one another through many means, the written word being one. Thanks for sharing.

Marie said...

When it's your first child, both you and your partner are still feeling things out and trying hard to get to know your child. In time, through your experiences with child number 1 & 2, by the time third child comes into the picture, you've covered all your bases, you know what to expect when things happen and you're more relaxed with how you deal with them.

It made me laugh how being at home with third child is such a pleasure when first and second child are away...LOL, I'm sure it is!

Madame Belle said...

You know, I've actually found that people who do not read those extremly expensive books by people who have never seen or touched a kid before in their life have a much easier time raising their children then the parents who cross refrence everything their child does to a chapter in some 553 page book.

Maybe because you are no longer reading those crazy books created to inspire fear and phobias about raising your child, you are actaully finding it easier to raise said kiddy.