Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Giving my wife the finger

I was in an argument at work. I came home angry and started pouring my heart out to my wife. As I passionately told her my story, I punctuated each point with a hand gesture but my wife kept looking around the room. When I needed her to listen, she wouldn’t look at me. I started to get angry with her and snapped at her to listen to me. She said, “I’m trying but you keep pointing. I’m trying to see what you are pointing at.” Apparently my punctuations were done with my indexed finger extended for all apparent purposes. . . me pointing.


Sassy Mama Bear said...

Are you Italian perchance???
We tend to gesticulate when we speak and much more so when making a point.

mommyto2 said...

That was pretty good. Your poor wife, so confused, and only trying to be supportive. I hope you made it up to her.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Finger pointing belongs to the 'accuser'
Forgetting one finger out has four pointing in
Making the accuser sometimes more of a confuser
When complaints and complements are regarded as sin

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 230808
Sat. 23rd Aug. 2008.

Dave said...

Well at least it was an index finger, if it was the finger the title first suggested to me, you may be in the doghouse for a while! It' no fun seeing gal make a grown man sleep on the couch in his own home.

The Logisitician said...

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*lynne* said...

teeheehee from yr title I thought you were gesticulating with your middle finger, so yeah, confusing her with yr pointer finger isn't so bad... :)

dropping by via entrecard, btw :)