Friday, August 15, 2008

Top 5 recommended amount of corner time

In my house we use time outs in the corner as punishment. My wife and I investigated what a reasonable amount of time in the corner would be. Generally speaking the various sources all agreed that 1 minute in the corner per year of the child’s age is effective without being unreasonable. My wife and I have come up with alternative recommendations:

1.) Stay in the corner until I’m not mad anymore – a great parental tool for when the kids a driving you crazy and breaking everything in their room seems like a good idea.

2.) Stay in the corner until I finish dinner – this is a good one if you have a nice steak for dinner. If you spend time fighting with the kids, the steak will cool and not be so enjoyable. Some times I don’t wait for the kids to do anything wrong. I just send them in the corner based on how good dinner smells while its cooking.

3.) Stay in the corner until you can tell my why I sent you into the corner – this is most effective if you can’t remember why you are punishing the kids but you are sure that they deserve punishment.

4.) Stay in the corner until you sister leaves – this time is most effective when the kids seem drawn to fight and one of them is going somewhere anyway. You can’t put the one who is leaving in the corner because then she couldn’t get ready.

5.) Stay in the corner until I leave – I’ve found that this one is most effective for me when I’m running late for going to work. I little time out is just what I need.


Anonymous said...

I have a version of this too: Go to your room until you can be fit company for others.

neferiti said...
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neferiti said...

LOL...Used them all! Only problem...when they become teenagers that tactic loses its zeal and effectiveness! Therefore, I have now resorted to taking away cellphone, computers and iPods.

I found this method to be a WINNER! Being connected and listening to music are the most important things in my teenage daughters life!

The Logisitician said...

Having received an undergraduate engineering education, I was sure that you were have actual time periods enumerated. Once again, as I read further, I realized the limits of a linear approach to such issues. Having been a kid brought up in the South during the 1950s and 1960s, who was at the opposite end of many a switch and stick, I have often wondered about the appropriateness and effectiveness of corporeal, as contrasted by "time out" periods. Can't say that I have resolved that issue in my mind, but it was sure entertaining to read your thoughts. Great stuff.

web-betty said...

LOL, I love #1 and will have to put it into play.

The other day I put my 5-year old in timeout in a new spot away from all distractions--my bedroom. When I came back 5 minutes later, he had made my bed. ;)

Now I put him in timeout in whichever is the messiest room...