Saturday, August 9, 2008

Baby crib placement techniques

Given Baby Sammy’s propensity to have multiple pee-throughs and pee-arounds a night (see my July 30 post “Baby Talk” for definitions we have researched techniques for baby crib placement management. The results of our research and home trials are have left us with two viable techniques. Please note that changing the cribs sheets multiple times in the night is not an option. That is just too hard and we only own three crib sheets. We would have to do a load of crib pee sheets every day.

The first technique is the “four square” crib placement. This is a simple method where you place the baby’s head in one corner and have the body go the length of the crib. I suggest placing the baby in the hardest corner to reach first because the first placement is when you have the most strength. When the baby has a pee through, change the kid and now place his head in the opposite corner. This puts the pee a good half a body length away. If there is a second pee-through, change the kid and then place his head in one of the remaining two corners. If third pee-through occurs, change and place baby in final corner. If fourth pee-through occurs, change baby and place in bathtub.

Baby Sammy can fill the bathtub even after the fourth pee-through. Therefore, we have developed a more aggressive technique. Place babies feet in far corner with body running the length of the crib. With each pee-through change baby and move toward opposite side of the crib six inches at a time. The baby’s feet might still be in the lake but those can be wiped the next day. Don’t worry overly much about that. Once the baby’s head reaches the other side of the crib, flip him around and start going the other direction. You should be able to get through 8 pee-throughs in a given night.


Anonymous said...

Ahahah! Clever approaches!!! But the diapers don't do their work?

Anonymous said...

That's crazy! Have you tried the diaper doublers? Overnight diapers? (I know, you must have.)

Aaron Brand said...

Haha! This post reminds me of a Futurama episode.

Fry: Psst! Leela! You've got to get me out of here! It's horrible! Eating scraps; letting my waste drop wherever it falls, like an animal in a zoo!
Leela: Animals go in the corner.
Fry: The corner! Why didn't I think of that?

Thanks for adding me, too.

Ashley Evelyn said...

Nice strategy! I'm going to store this information in my mind and possibly pass it along... if I'm feeling kind!

abs said...

I can't imagine that would ever work. My baby is never anywhere near the position i left him in when I check on him.