Friday, August 1, 2008

Entrecard Contest

Design my entrecard. I need a better 125 pixel by 125 pixel. The one I designed is on the front page of my blog. It needs to be consistent with the title "The truth is out there. Don't let it in." as well as the content. Most of my content is either things I find funny about parenting/children or about politics.

Submit a link to the entrecard you designed for my contest in a comment to this post by August 8th. I will select the one I like best by August 11th and reward the winner. The winner can either have A.) 500ec or B.) I will link to your site on my blog roll and leave up for no less than 3 months, I will leave 5 content related comments on your blog by August 15 and I digg/stumble 3 of your posts (you tell me which ones). Either way I will write a post about the winner and include a link.

Don't use pictures you don't have rights to and by entering the contest you give me the right to use the image if you win. The image must be 125 by 125 pixel JPG. (I won't use those that didn't win).


The cup is half full of something I don't like said...

so far I have:

submissions from:

I'll show the images on the side when I get some time.

Beamer said...

Ok, I have two E-card designs I'll turn in for your contest. See what you think:

I'll use this for the blog I enter with:


Empty Streets said...

Nice contest, this is also an interesting endeavor. BTW :) your site has so far started kicking it up for site referrals to empty strees putting you in the lead so far to earning the 2000 ec points from our contest :) Cool cool